Course selection

General information

Your home university will tell you how many courses you have to attend and successfully complete.

Usually you will have to earn 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Modules and subjects, language of instruction and assessment method as well as workload and ECTS credits are listed in the Study Plan (please refer to option 1 below).

The subjects are offered every semester of the regular BA program (we have winter and summer intakes). (Note: the CIE might vary each semester.)

Almost all modules will be completed with a written examination at the end of the semester (about 2 weeks examination period at the end of the lecture time each semester).

You need to register for the examinations and they will have to be passed in order to get the ECTS credits.

At Hochschule München exchange students will be enrolled in semester 5. However, students could mix and choose courses from the 3 options below depending on the time table!

The exact dates, days and times for every single course will vary from semester to semester. The time table will be published on the web just before the start of the lecture period.

As a general rule, final course selection and registration for courses will take place in Munich (after your arrival!). You will need to fill in a "Learning Agreement during Studies" with all the changes a few weeks into the semester at MUAS.

The International Office of the Department of Tourism will have a welcome session for exchange students (including sufficient time for assisting students with selection of courses and putting together the time table.).

Options for course selection

1. Bachelor of Tourism Management

Please refer to the Study Plan and International Semester (5th semester of the Study Plan):

- Semester 1 to 3: taught in German (min. B1/B2 level required)

- Semester 5 = International Semester : taught in English

Courses offered in the International Semester (course description available when you click on the title).

- Strategic Business Simulation- Strategic Business Simulation

- Sustainable Tourism

- International Marketing & Leadership- International Marketing & Leadership

- Tourism- Tourism Industry

- Hospitality- Hospitality

- Digital Economy- Digital Economy

- Entrepreneurship- Entrepreneurship

- Current Issues in Tourism- Current Issues in Tourism

- Intercultural Competence- Intercultural Competence

- Empirical Research Methods- Empirical Research Methods

2. Courses in English (CIE)

In addition to the courses offered at the Department of Tourism you could choose courses from the "Courses in English list". This is a collection of courses open to all exchange students. It includes about 100 courses, most of which are specialised courses from the various departments of the university (not language courses). Here you will find further information on the Courses in English .

3. General Studies and Language Courses

Students will get 2 ECTS credits per course.

Department 13 also offers language courses (different languages and levels).

For more details please refer to the website Dept. 13 General and Interdisciplinary Studies .


For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office at the Department of Tourism:


Cornelia Liem
Room: S 115

Tel.: 089 1265-2153
Fax: 089 1265-2161

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Christina Regul
Room: S 115

Tel.: 089 1265-2137
Fax: 089 1265-2161

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